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Social Exclusion 101: The Ultimate 'How To' Guide

In short, social exclusion requires the systemic reduction, elimination, or redirection of any individuals ability to control or manage their energy, time, and money at every conceivable level. The long read is below.

Money: make it hard to save money, access credit, and/or benefit from economies of scale.

There are many ways to do this. For example, ensure that it costs at least one hours wage to travel to work and then one hours wage from work - the goals is to make it barely viable to work. Ensure that children grow up at addresses where the credit score is linked to the postcode to stop them getting access to credit and guarantee a poor credit score for a lifetime. Ensure that it’s literally impossible to bulk buy food because it’s too expensive or it’s too far away or because it’s too much to physically carry home. Also ensure that any public space requires money to be spent – provide free internet with a coffee in a café instead of a library, for example. This means that not only do people have to bring their own laptops and equipment, they can then be charged for the cost of a coffee instead of bringing their own hot drink to a library and using free computer equipment. Can you see who foots the majority of the cost? Also make it a criminal offence to be poor or default on bills and do not regulate the gaming/betting industry, keep casinos open all hours instead of libraries (also offer free breakfast at a casino and not a library), and offer loans at obscene levels of interest (link) to anyone on prime-time television slots. Ensure that financial education is not provided in school and provide loans on any conceivable purchase; washing machines, cars, holidays, and Christmas. In addition, offer better interest rates for people with more money and offer switch incentives of £175 for people with monthly incomes of £1,750 +. Ensure that money lets most people survive, not thrive.

Time: remove free time and or predictable work schedules by working odd hours, not giving enough time to rest between schedules, and giving out working patterns a week before workers are due to fulfill them.

Some options include making sure that workers must spend their time working out how to manage work time, travel, and other responsibilities. Ensure that public transport makes it impossible to be on time anywhere and has nonsense connections to ensure that connecting trains or buses chew up extra time. This also ensures that it is impossible to see the bigger picture (link) and plan over the longer term because every second is absorbed by getting from one task to the other, on time and in time.

Life admin: make this as time consuming or as frustrating as possible and add costs wherever possible.

This includes employers paying workers in cash in an area where there are no banks to deposit cash, giving days off on when banks aren’t open, having no flexibility for weekday doctor or dentist appointments. Ensure that phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 only. Make sure that if customers can’t afford a phone or internet, then there are aggressively long, time consuming queues to pay bills. Ensure that bills cost extra, with an admin charge, if they are not deducted by direct debit. Ensure that phone lines cost money, have long queues, irritating queue music, and that there’s no email or correspondence address to be able to write to. Also ensure that Student Loan Company structures are hideously complicated so that liability is skewed. Same goes for leaseholds on houses; ensure that if a lease renewal is necessary, it costs £50 for a company to ‘access your file’ as an administration charge before anything is achieved. Add a cost at every conceivable point to every service. Also ensure that all jobs are applied for online and with a typed CV and simultaneously ensure that libraries close across the country to ensure that anyone who cannot afford the tools, time, or skills to apply online become invisible.

Microaggressions: plop the emotional labour onto folks who are already exhausted.

It's really easy to do this - just say ignorant things and have repetitive conversations around social issues without ever considering other perspectives or recognising the lived experiences of others. Especially do this in front of people who are visibly uncomfortable.

Say things like 'you're not like other immigrants I know' or 'you're pretty much a white black person' or 'can you recommend a curry house' or 'it's not racism, it's ethnic banter'.

Pay: have completely illogical and private pay structures that pay people on age, time served, or the entitlement of employees. Also only hire people that look like you.

Ignore the skill of young workers and assume that because someone has been in a company for 12 years they must be great at their job. Adopt a logic that if your employee is a married woman, then her husband can contribute to the household income and that if the employee is a married man, the wife won’t contribute to the household income so married women get paid less and married men get paid more. Ensure that single working mothers don’t benefit from the same logic (being the only breadwinner) as married men. Also ensure that anyone who doesn’t identify as a man or a woman is kept completely invisible and out of any conversations. Make sure that when someone wants a promotion, they have to prove they can do the promotion on their current wage; then, when they have proved it - tell them they did the level up on their current wage anyway so there's no need to promote them! But only do this to people that you can't relate to.

Social constructs: in politics, keep the old laws and policies and ensure that one specific demographic translates it for everyone. Make change tiresome and expect young people to do it for free.

Guaranteeing that prostitution policy is never written by a prostitute, or immigration policy is never written by an immigrant, and that policies on reducing poverty are never written by someone who has actually experienced being poor ensure that genuine solutions remain lost. Examples would include making sure that it is not economically viable for women to work when they become mothers by making childcare extremely expensive and ensuring that if a woman takes time off to have a child, her pay and chances off promotion are reduced because she took time off. When she returns and needs flexible working do not provide it. Most of all, ignore financial violence and never expect bankers to do any form of community service; especially don't give them orders to work for charities to get re-educated in the value of money and the power of people. Most importantly, accept statistics for GDP and economic arguments; but for social justice issues expect traumatic personal stories before before believing figures to re-ignite PTSD and the vulnerability of individuals. This will help slow progress. If people are poor, ignore them.

Ensure that change-makers are integrated in schools, jobs, leadership programs, and governments. Also ensure that if they have the ideas and the networks to make a change, that they do not have the finances to simultaneously afford to live, eat, and rally people effectively.

Healthcare: ensure that preventative healthcare is ignored.

For work place healthcare, ensure that manual jobs have no health cover and for desk-based work ensure that healthcare is not specifically tailored to the needs of demographics. So, for young men, the likeliest group to commit suicide, do not provide mental health support. Ensure that high pressure jobs include excessive drinking and toxic masculinity as part of workplace socialising. For young women, do not provide additional benefits like endometriosis support, thyroid exams, and/or the necessary tools to freeze eggs. Ensure that women who are in the highest levels of power have never had children and are so completely ill equipped to relate to younger women and ensure that women in leadership positions adhere to masculine models of leadership. Also ensure that the choices within healthcare are limited; for example, if you do not believe that every woman should have access to a safe abortion regardless of income, not only must you not have an abortion when you become pregnant. It’s imperative that you ensure that no-one else can either. It’s that simple. In addition, pay no attention to those who have private healthcare and opt to use the NHS for expensive treatments so that their premiums are unaffected. Also, make sure there's not enough money for a free healthcare system to run effectively. Hire expensive consultants to figure out why.

Consumers, Humans, or Citizens: ensure that literally existing is not enough to guarantee that your existence is recognised.

Ensure that ‘rights’ are split across categories. If you are viewed as a consumer of education, you are entitled to consumers rights. If your workplace views you are a human, human rights are the primary focus. The difference between human rights, citizen rights, and consumer rights are profound and must not be viewed holistically. A human cannot challenge consumer law; they must first be a consumer. To benefit from the rights of a citizen, you must first be a citizen - the human element comes later and paperwork is paramount to actual existence. Introduce things Post-Brexit where ‘most skilled EU workers will need employer sponsorship to enter the UK, with requirements including a £30,000 minimum salary’ (link). Ensure that humans are not welcome, but workers are - but only specific workers. Ignore an American study which 'found that immigrants and the children of immigrants founded 45 percent of U.S. Fortune 500 companies, amassing $6.1 trillion in annual revenue last year’ (link).

Assume: make assumptions about people and do not listen when you talk to them.

If a preferred pro-noun is shared and someone indicates they would like to be called ‘they’; make the decision for them. Use your own experience to determine how you treat others despite knowing nothing of their experience. Especially ensure that being ‘offended’ trumps being ‘effected’ – i.e. being offended is more important than respect.

Do not ignite an ounce of emotional intelligence and put the onus on other people to communicate how they feel; abdicate any responsibility of humanity towards people. If people say nothing, assume they are not bothered and learn nothing of PTSD, trauma, or fear.

Education: do not learn about anything other than what you need to in order to earn. In particular, make no effort to 'unlearn' anything.

Make sure you always feel comfortable in the patterns of the world that you know and recognise. When you read headlines, do not consider whether you actually know of the similar situations that would disprove that reporting. Most importantly, do not seek out knowledge that challenges what you know and make sure you repeat the same knowledge to people who agree with you and reinforce your experiences. Also ensure that you learn nothing of non-financial worth; only learn what you need to make money. Do not learn to reduce office back pain through exercise; just take pills or get surgery. Do not learn how to eat well and/or slowly; take anti indigestion tablets. Do not work on healing inter-generational trauma; continue to mask pain by eating too much, drinking too much, or lashing out.

Especially do not 'unlearn' things - know that every piece of information you have absorbed since childhood is valid, correct, and should be protected from scrutiny at all costs. It is especially critical that you do not have the self love to openly admit to learning harmful things and focusing on educating yourself and trying to do better.

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