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No "New Year, New Me"

In 2019, I plan to achieve nothing. What I do want to do is systemically improve with hacks.

What I mean by this is taking a little time and a little money to plan around the way I already do things so that I don’t change my behaviour but change the results of how I already behave by tweaking routine, adding technology, pushing existing skills beyond my immediate network, and paying attention to where I can save money.

1. Buy Period Proof Underwear: I’ve been looking at this for ages to try and reduce waste (tampons and pads) and try and incorporate sustainable approaches to using things. I bought from ModiBodi and they had a code ‘BOXING’ for money off. No idea if it still works but they do a student discount too. If I recommend someone, they also give £10 credit to me to give to new customers so just message me and I can do that.

2. Try Symprove: I am convinced, from the basic research that I’ve done myself, that there is something in looking after the microbiome in the gut. Symprove was reviewed by scientists and came out ahead of Yakult. It’s costly though so I’ll see if it’s worth it before I commit fully.

3. Take Spirulina Daily: years ago, in New Zealand whilst on a school exchange, the parent I stayed with used to make us smoothies with the green algae in it. Recently a friend went into way more detail on the benefits so I’m going to try taking it in capsule form.

4. Support with Practical Skills: when people ask, I’m going to try and help. This includes writing references for people, reviewing PhD proposals, and making suggestions on writing effective complaint letters. The little things make a huge difference and I want to try support people better.

5. Meet Great People: this past year, my friends made my world a massively wonderful place to be and the energy that people carry and share is the best thing in the world. Hanging out with people who have a great synergy is a high unlike any I’ve ever experienced.

6. Get a Millennial Railcard: they get released on January 2nd and I will barge to the front of the queue. The 26-30 Railcard aka "The Millennial Railcard" will be available across the UK at midday and over 4 million people are eligible to take of 1/3 off journeys for £30 a year. See ya there!

7. Nail Tax Advisory: I’m so curious to see if I can be a good Tax Advisor so I want to carry the passion I have had in previous careers into tax and see what happens. This includes working smart and efficiently, leveraging teams, getting the technical basics right, and being excited about the opportunity to learn.

8. Wrap up 2018: there are a few things from 2018 that I didn’t get done which includes the application to the Chartered Institution of Arbitration for Fellow status. I also want to maintain the commitments I made last year with the University of Bradford Alumni Committee and make sure I attend the meetings in person to try and contribute as much as possible.

9. Save a Bunch of Money; Mo’money, mo’ choices. I want to make saving intrinsic within spending habits so that it’s second nature and part of my approach to everyday life.

10. Keep Blogging: Someone said to me last year that once you hit a certain number of blog posts, the opportunity to create a book is much more probable. Nothing is a given but lining up likelihood is an effective way to make things happen so, on the off chance that things line up, I’m going to keep writing regularly.

11. Let Dating Die: I’m already bored of dating and refused to pay the eHarmony subscription instead choosing to crowdfund from eHarmony. If you aren’t familiar with it, until you pay the subscription you can only answer questions from potential matches and not respond to written messages. See my profile bio below.

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