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Comebacks for Crap Conversation

"Finish your food, there are starving children in Africa."

I will not be guilt tripped by the lack of equitably allocated global resources or your ignorance on structural violence.

"I just don't think people should be able to get abortions."

And I don't think unqualified opinion should be enshrined in law, yet here we are.

“Ugh, people so are politically correct these days.”

If by ‘politically correct’ you mean ‘being aware of the experiences of others and including that experience in political representation and structures’ then yes, people are politically correct and absolutely entitled to be respected. They literally want what you always had, and you are pissed off because you have to respect that? Fuck you.

“I don’t need feminism.”

And I don’t drive, so I don’t need petrol. It’s not just about you. Feminism is fuel, and other people might need it to get where they need to go.

"Oh damn, no wifi. First World Problems!"

“Yeh lol, like that time I was in Kigali in Rwanda and internet was better than Aberdeen in Scotland. Stop repeating nonsense rhetoric and read, travel, or talk to people.”

"People who use chopped and pre-prepared veg are lazy. We can just ban straws too."

So how are less-abled people going to eat well? Or drink? Not everyone has your experience and ability.

"Why don't people just lose weight? There's no excuse for being Fat."

Being able to eat well and exercise is a skill in itself. Exercise requires time, equipment, planning, routine, a safe place, consistency, and confidence. Eating well requires knowledge, shopping, planning, budgeting and a regular income, and time. It's a privilege to have a regular income, a timetable, and the ability to plan. There are also a myriad reasons why people are fat, and your ability to determine the validity of those reasons is moot without sector-specific knowledge and personal insight.

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