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10 Thoughts I Had This Week

1) How the teachers that regulated the visibility of my 13-year-old shoulders (deemed inappropriate for a dining room) are failing to regulate old men now riding bikes and jogging around the country in metrosexual Lycra leggings that grip their expired scrotum.

2) How markets exist at every level of life; there's a market in employees who are paying for a degree now to get a job later. When university isn’t for free, you are a customer in the job market. The purchase of education now to work a job (as an employee) and earn a wage after graduating means that you purchase education to get a job.

3) I was thinking, is it too much to sign up for a marathon next year and run for the NSPCC with the explicit statement that having vulnerable children in the UK is not reflective of government policy, structural violence, systemic socio-economic failures, and the active prioritization of business principles and also emphasize that voting, community work, and activism are secondary to fundraising as the most effective solution - #moanymarathon2019

4) How much money would I have if I never had to buy another period product? And how much time would I have back if society was organised around my menstrual cycle?

5) Is energy infinite? Like, can I create more and more energy through how I live, eat, and exercise. I’m so curious to see if it’s possible to get through a day without being exhausted.

6) How long-term relationships don’t mean s*** if people stay because they can’t leave.

7) Privilege is something to be put to work if it’s social, and something to be spent if it’s financial. Don’t be embarrassed by it, learn history, speak to people, listen, and learn to learn about uncomfortable truths.

8) Millennial moaning is paying off. I went to a talk at one of the Big Four on consumer, retail, and leisure spending trends where representatives of big business spoke about having to respond to the spending habits of millennials. Why? Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising and they look after their parents and their own children thus they control the finances from both ends. Big business does campaigns to address things like period poverty because it makes business sense and because they realize that consumers are staying loyal to brands that align with their beliefs.

9) How, if white culture had a taste and a sound, it would probably taste like plain chicken breast and sound like Coldplay (before Beyoncé featured for them).

10) I'm thinking about how to take the next step is in a working environment to address transphobia and racism. In the past couple of months, a colleague and client made comments referring to a ‘he-she’ and promoting colonialism as a strong model for Africa with the implication that it should have remained a basket of resources for the world.

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