10 of the most useful things I did over Summer

  • Write a list - I love a good list, mostly so I can get it done and rip it up.

  • Clear some debt or decide to look at the spend from last month or the last week. It’s part of a bid to practice being more proactive with finances, instead of reactive.

  • Phone a friend or see a whole bunch! It's really cool leaving near London because it's so easy to pop in and see friends.

  • Take a nap or just lie flat on the floor.

  • Take a bath; adding Epsom salts and a few drops of CBD oil take my bath to the next level.

  • Go for a walk – I found a stunningly quiet and scenic canal route near home with swans, barges, and natural marshes. It’s like a little slice of heaven on a light summer night.

  • Sleep - I may have taken it too far one weekend where I forgot to set an alarm and woke up at midday which meant I missed meeting friends in London but what the body demands is hard to override. This was two days after I was late , for the same group of people, having fallen asleep on my bed after taking a shower and waking up an hour later.

  • Add a vegetable to my shopping list – I learned recently that there’s a big difference being ‘plant-based’ and vegan. In short vegan junk food is a dream, but it’s not necessary plant based because it’s still pretty processed.

  • Dream a bit - sometimes, it's nice to go for a coffee alone and ponder, what does the future look like if I relax? Removing myself from work performance metrics, what other people are achieving, and learned 'successes' from my own upbringing. When I am relaxed, what does success look like as part of a bigger picture? Looking at where my brain takes me, without conversations with other people or reading articles or watching media highlights different things. Once I've had a think, it's useful to figure out the conscious steps that might be able to get me there. It definitely helps when accompanied by a soy cappuccino and cinnamon danish pastry.

  • Book a smear test, go and see the dentist for a check-up, get a haircut, have a facial, get a massage, sign up to donate organs, check my vote is going to the correct address, check if I'm on the best phone plan, check my credit score, and clean my room to Hilton Hotel Room Attendant standards. No joke, I scrubbed door handles, cleaned skirting boards - the whole lot and now my room feels as clean as church. Proactive care will get you there!

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