10 Cracking Tunes

1) Seinabo Sey - I Owe You Nothing. Best lyric? "I owe you nothing, I be myself."

2) Lizzo - Truth Hurts. Best lyric? "Why men great, til they got to be great."

3) Gabriela Cilmi – Woman on a Mission. Best lyric? There's actually not one, but I have a friend called Honor Mischcon and the song sounds like it's saying - " I AM A WOMAN, HONOR MISHCON".

4) Jojo and Remy Ma – F.A.B. Best lyric? Just the fact that it's an iconic duo, and that 'F.A.B' is an acronym for 'Fake Ass B***hes'.

Failing that, best lyric is '... when they eating all the food off your plate and they don't do dishes ...' from Jojo and a follow up with Remy with '...for fraud broads I don't give two fucks ... act like it's a buffet and eat off your own plate ..."

5) Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me. Best lyric? "Are you gonna love me, gonna want to hug me, and squeeeeeze me"

6) Gotta Work – Amerie. Best lyric? "Sometimes you gotta work hard for it."

7) Nao - Another Lifetime. Best lyric? *the music just sounds like melted silk - enjoy it all with headphones and closed eyes*. Failing that, "...I know how to make mistakes, wasn't grown enough to fake them, everyone one makes mistakes, still we learn and live to brave them..."

8) Aeris Roves - Running Thru 3am. Best lyric? "...I'd share my view but she's afraid of heights...."

9) Matoma - The Wave feat. Madcon. Best lyric? "... Too young of a soul to settle down, too old to be such a f***ing child ..."

10) Mura Masa, NAO - Complicated. Best lyric? "... And if we accept each other for less, I'm ridin' with you...".

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